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I’m sorry I didn’t catch that

Are you becoming the person who either snaps, “Whhaaaaat?” a lot or says things like, “Is it me or is it super-noisy in here?” True there is a vulgarity of noise interference – drilling, road noise, phones buzzing, the ringing in our ears – but what is happening to our brains/ears?

I went to a doctor (a specialist, no less) recently because a heavy cold had left me deaf-ish in one ear and clarity of hearing had been replaced by a high-pitched whining that intensified when I clenched my jaw. I was ‘Whhaaaaat? Sorrrry? Speak up!’ all over the place with increasing degrees of irritability. Cue the obligatory hearing test. The result? Perfect hearing. Except it isn’t.

So WTF is going on? Has my brain decided that I don’t need to hear everything? And that when more than one thing is going on at any one time it will select what my ears can process and what they reject? Because trying to make out what anyone is saying over the cacophony of, say, a running tap has latterly become impossible. Are my brain/ears trying to tell me to do only one thing at a time? Because that’s not possible. I live in the age of whirlwind or collapse, the idea being to get everything done so that I have earned self–induced coma time. That down, down, downtime seems to be the only thing standing between women like us and burnout.

And so I have left the deafness/tinnitus alone. To sort itself out or not. I am assuming it is simply one of those messages from my subconscious about what is possible. Maybe I am not meant to hear more things. Maybe I am being protected. Any more stimulation and… well… no thanks guys. I’m good.

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