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Are you sliding down the sleep spiral?

So here’s a piece of advice about sleeplessness. Don’t talk about it. Or, at least, give it an allotted space in your life (like the Midult forum perhaps) so that it doesn’t bleed into every conversation. Too much dwelling actualises the predicament. It increases the obsession. It makes your days about sleep as well as your nights which is giving sleep way too much power. Don’t let sleep get above itself. It is only sleep. It needs to stay it its box in your head or its little demon babies will take over and run amok through your weary life.

This is not unsympathetic. It is being written by a single mother with four jobs and a bit of an anxiety problem that manifests with the 4am wake-up. But we’re not talking about that.

You will not be less tired in the next couple of years or so. You will not suddenly become a bouncing energy snob (vile bastards that they are). You will continue to have slightly blurry vision and slightly heavy limbs unless acupuncture or something similar works its magic. Which it might. But keep expectations low. Like, so low.

A good, long sleep, like shagging Jake Gyllenhaal, is a fantasy. Let it remain at the edges of your sense of possibility and just… onwards. Because it’s boring for other people (who probably think you’re lying anyway) and it’s boring and self-fulfilling for you.

Just hop into bed not before 10 and think to yourself, “I am going to have a lovely sleep.” Then accept with Midult wisdom, whatever the night brings. It isn’t sleep that keeps you young and juicy and relevant. It’s mindset. So, screw sleep. It’s for babies.

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