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Do you shop when you’re broke?

We all have a different relationship with money. For some it’s only money. Lose it, make more. For others, financial worry is a proper button–presser. It can make us feel worthless, unloveable, desperate and it can make us act out in any number of ways. But there does seem to be a trend for shopping our way out of our personal financial crises.

One Midult reports that, at a time when she genuinely could not make her rent, she bought a pair of Chloe boots; probably the most extravagant fashion purchase she had ever made. Another lost her job, didn’t sleep for two nights and then bought a very plush cashmere jumper. Not high street cashmere; the posh stuff. And, all the while, these women were scribbling down budget-crunching ideas, obsessively turning off lights and staring at their fridges wondering how to shave pounds off the grocery shop.

Is spending money from a dwindling bank balance a mad thing to do? Or is it sending a message out to the universe that, though this is extremely frightening, we are not planning for failure. We are keeping the faith and assuming that everything will be OK. We are making phone calls to drum up new business, we are continuing to think – and shop – like successful people and we are not subscribing to a feeling of failure, hunkering down and pulling the blankets over our heads.

If the whole world stopped spending in uncertain times, it would grind to a calcified halt. I suppose this is what they mean by retail therapy. It’s not about filling a void or making ourselves feel desirable. It’s an odd investment in your financial future. I wonder if our accountants would agree….

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