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She made an entrance…

Some things are for life. Others are for Christmas. And a few are just for the entrance – just for that moment of impact. Just because you never get a second chance to make a first blah, blah, blah….

I mean, who kids themselves that lip gloss lasts for more than three minutes; two with a drink in your hand? Maybe that’s why we kind of grow up into lipstick – we just can’t be arsed to endlessly, vulgarly re-apply. Same with the hair bouffe. Or the turn-head-upside-down and flip. 45 seconds maybe?

And what about the ‘taking yourself in hand and giving yourself a talking to in the loo‘: “I can do this… I am capable… I am loveable… I am desirable… I am absolutely fine, nothing to see here, not anxious at all….this is the face and demeanour of a strong, confident woman.” Well that last-minute mirror conference is all fine and good but it’s hardly going to carve new neural pathways now, is it? It’s enough to just get you through the door. And then you’re on your own.

Posh car? They only notice the first time you speed up and they may slightly hate you for it. Killer coat? Comes off before you come in. Unless you are a fashion editor. Coat-stays-on is the new sunglasses-stay-on.

Entrances are really important when you are 20. They are everything. Entrances are what you invest in for yourself and buy into of other people. You commit to believing a first impression. That fades as wisdom grows. The entrance is the ‘Hello’ and no one really has us at hello any longer do they? We demand more…

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