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If you’re not following him already, check out @manwhohasitall on Twitter. He is cleverly and hilariously exposing the ridiculousness of sexism by holding up a mirror to the kind of patronising horseshit women have been putting up with for a very long time. He does this by reversing the roles, so that suddenly men are the ones having to negotiate time off from housework and the kids:

‘My wife is actually really good. She even brings in the washing off the line without being asked,’ Paul, aged 40. You’re very lucky, Paul.

In this world, men are the ones wrestling with their body image:

TODAY’S CAREER TIP: ‘Learn to CELEBRATE the body you have, rather than wanting a body that you don’t,’ George, male CEO. Inspirational.

Men’s jobs are contextualised by their gender:

‘I’m not a MALE comedy writer, I’m just a comedy writer!’ moans Christopher. Aren’t some people funny? He IS a male comedy writer!

And he had a field day with May: ‘TODAY’S DEBATE: To what extent will the huge majority of male politicians in the new UK cabinet skew things towards men and men’s interests?’

It’s cunning. And funny, which it should be, because sexism in the year 2016 is so enormously idiotic that surely the only way to even acknowledge its existence is by laughing at it. It’s almost too boring to even feel angry about – and that’s how we should process sexism. It doesn’t deserve our rage.

But if you are dealing with sexism at work, which sadly does still exist when really it should have died out with dinosaurs, then this is immensely tedious. We hope you are giving the person in question a Chinese burn as you read this, while calmly saying, ‘Bitch, please – didn’t your mother teach you, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then shut the hell up?’

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