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Do you send annoying emails?

Everyone hates emails. We are no longer all Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail, thrilled by every ping. We are part Hulk; “What do all these people want from meeeeee… I am so angry… I may go green. What’s that ripping sound?” and part data refusnik; “These 1569 unread emails mean nothing. Nothing.” Business Insider is a very smart and professional website, and once compiled a list of irritating email habits which may compromise your career and your popularity. We have Midulted them.

  1. Don’t say it’s urgent, unless it’s urgent. In fact never say urgent. What is urgent? Because a) Urgent generally seems to mean that the sender is behind schedule so you will merely be advertising your own inefficiency and being irritating at the same time. B) No one likes a wolf-crier. Save urgent for near-death etc.
  2. WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING? Chills with the caps, guys.
  3. Save the date in the subject line. So bossy. “I am just going to delete this because I can. My inbox. My life.
  4. Being too robot-y: We know simply charming people who get behind the wheel of an email and suddenly they. Are. So. Stiff. And. Even. AGGRESSIVE.
  5. Calm down with the exclamation marks. They make you look illiterate!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Passive aggressive Cc’ing: You are just confirming to everyone that you are a bit of an arse. Stick within the email chain people.
  7. Bcc’ing: Whispering is rude. And the truth will come out in the end.
  8. Starting a sentence in the subject line…
  9. …that you finish in the body copy. Apparently this is disrespectful of the recipient’s time because you are forcing them to open the email.
  10. Sending emails at 3am. It’s a hate crime. And makes the sender look unhinged.
  11. Keep it short. Who has the time?
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