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The secret of happiness? The double nap

I hold the key to happiness. I do. Herein lies the secret to contentment. This is self-care squared. It takes organisation and perhaps a little light begging or some ruthless blanking but it reaps huge benefits. It is this: the double nap.

Now, who has the time, right? No one. Who can find the time though? We can. Not every weekend but just, with planning, now and again. The double nap. Here’s how it works: back to bed late morning for an hour. Then back to bed mid-afternoon for an hour. The pressure to sleep is reduced. The desperation that comes with a single, stolen nap window is neutralised. The nap becomes less a therapeutic sprint and more of a restorative marathon. The first nap slakes the thirst, the second heals the soul. Honestly it’s amazing.

After a double nap day you feel unstoppable. As though you can do anything, be anything, deal with anything. And when a double nap day is diarised it energises before it has even happened.

Life is rich and full and worrying. We forget to breathe and then panic about being breathless. We collapse rather than unwind. We push and push and push until we find ourselves in trouble. We look at our diaries with a kind of despair at all the work and fun and love and duty that packs them.

A double nap reminds us that we are the bosses of our diaries. We programme them and we can’t allow them to brainwash us. The double nap is a gesture of authority. Take the time. Take it twice.

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