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Sacred Monday

Is your diary on your side? Or is it working against you, determined to bring you down? Well, I have discovered a life hack (how much do you loathe that expression?) that stamps on its evil intentions and laughs in the face of its Machiavellian energy-terrorism. And it’s doable. And it’s peaceful. And it has changed my life. Here it is: one sacred day, in my case, Sacred Monday.

What does the sacredness involve? Simple. I just stay at my desk from 9am-5pm. No external meetings; no lunches or teas or errands. No emergency root-cover-up appointments and no extensive errands. Sacred Mondays is for emails and phoners, creative-thinking and boring organisational stuff, spending proper time with my colleagues so we all understand the shape of the week and how we hope things might look on Friday. Sacred Monday means not chasing my own sorry tail all week. Sacred Monday makes everything possible. Sacred Monday sets a new boundary so don’t expect people to like it (they’ll feel as though you’re building a wall) or even to understand why you are not available, but boundaries make things possible.

Like all adjustments, Sacred Monday requires a change in rhythm and a commitment to that new beat. Could be Sacred Anyday but I like the peace of a Monday before the week gets high on its own hysteria.

It is astounding to me how much gets done on a Monday and how manageable things feels with that foundation in place. Starting the week from a still, calm, industrious space is certainly contrary to the modish cult of busy so… people don’t have to like it. And you don’t have to care.

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