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Netflix and cheat

So, it’s late-ish but not ‘What, are you 15?’ late. You are watching Stranger Things/The Crown/Santa Clarita Diet (for the uninitiated, a new Netflix horror-comedy starring Drew Barrymore as a Midult turned zombie). Your partner/husband/friend/sister is no longer watching with you – maybe they’ve just gone home. Maybe they have fallen asleep. Anyway, theyve given up. You said youd stop. You vowed to wait for them. But then the next episode pops up and suddenly you are knee-deep in series 2, possibly with snaccessories (crisps, chocolate etc.). You have committed Netflix infidelity.

You won’t be surprised to hear that 46% of us are guilty. Nearly half of the Netflix population admit to cheating on their co-viewers, “specifically, watching ahead of them, despite explicitly promising not to do that very thing,” says a report on Consumerist.

80% say that the cheating is unplanned, an accident. 25% of the cheating happens when one partner falls asleep – unsurprisingly for Midults who are either in bed at 9:30pm or insomniacs. Or both. No wonder then that 53% say that sleep cheating does not count, guv.

Thankfully, it’s the kind of cheating where no one gets hurt. Midultery: No terrible fall out, no shattered trust, no wondering where someone is or why they’ve done it or if something inside you is forever broken. Yes they may get a bit ratty that they missed the bit in The Crown when Princess Margaret stole the Queen’s limelight and her Maj got miffed. But those pockets of time, that moment when the house is dark and quiet, and it’s just you and The Good Wife. Well, all reason goes out the window. And it honestly didnt mean anything. 

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