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Money Talk: There goes my house…

Is your mortgage sensible and affordable? Mine is. Is it far, far less than the equivalent property would cost you in rent? Mine is. But we could still lose our houses, right? Wouldn’t take much. Just a significant and sustained drop in income which (I’m a self-employed single mother) could happen at any time.

This is a normal way to live, right? Very few Midults live mortgage free (if we’ve even managed to clamber on to the property ladder at all) and very few Midults have huge swathes of savings. Particularly Midults who have done incautious – if highly considered – things like have babies by themselves (me) or start new businesses (still me). So how does your average Joan cope with the relentless stress of the maybe?

At 41 I’m still part of the generation (or maybe this is non-generational…maybe it’s just a human hope) who thought we’d be rescued. Rescued by a man and impregnated in a time appropriate manner? Didn’t happen. Rescued by a man who would pay the bills and maybe even buy me an eternity ring. Or a car. Or a Kitchen Aid (can’t afford, would never use, still want. Why?). Never happened. But the thing about being rescued is that you can just get…taken hostage. And then you earn your money in truly soul destroying ways.

So that’s how I cope with the fact that I could lose my house next month. By embracing the idea that anything is possible. I may lose my house. I may lose my mind. But I may also thrive. It’s possible.

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