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Midult New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I will do more exercise. Walking to and from the gym is a good start. Whether I go in or not is for phase two of this plan. Small steps.
  2. I will drink more coffee for energy and alertness. Plus it has water in it and that will increase my hydration. Not sure why I didn’t think of this before.
  3. I will spend less time on social media. Feeling validated and popular because people you went to school with twenty years ago ‘liked’ the photo you posted of someone else’s dog wearing antlers in the street requires serious self-examination. Although being told I still look the same as I did in Lower Sixth when I posted that selfie last week….isn’t necessarily a *bad* thing. Yes, I will curate more carefully what I share. That’s mature.
  4. I will get eight hours sleep a night, minimum. This may require going to bed earlier to make up for waking up at 3am and staying awake until 6am before going back to sleep for an hour. That would mean I would have to go to bed at 8pm, which to be perfectly honest, sounds like a massive result. And I never said the eight hours had to be consecutive, by the way.
  5. I will go out more. I will reengage socially with other humans. I will enjoy their company. I will not think about eating pizza on the sofa while re-watching The Crown. Or listening to The Archers in the bath. And now that I’ve got my new sleep regime, to be honest, the most I could manage is very quick, very early drinks. Win / win.
  6. I’m going to meditate every morning. And every evening. My brain is a calm, still lake. With no shark in it (why can I see a shark’s fin?) and no stupid boats (like that pedalo I got stuck on in Regent’s Park that just went round and round in a circle). Meditation is quite frustrating, isn’t it (the shark is now attacking the pedalo).
  7. I will ring my sister more often. I will ignore her complaints about work and money and just accept her for who she is. It will not wind me up when she makes personal remarks about my weight and if I have to put the phone down on her, I will meditate afterwards (she can be the one in the pedalo….).
  8. I will go gluten free. I don’t really know what gluten is or why it’s bad, but everyone else has been so weird about their eating habits for years that I figure it’s my turn to have special quinoa cooked separately.
  9. When I am deranged with panic I will remember that my automatic thoughts are not the boss of me. My diary is not the boss of me. You are not the boss of me. No one is the boss of me . (Including me) #WhoAmI?
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