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The tyranny of the mid-session hangover

I met a friend for tea the other day. One of those improbably civilised Saturday plans that you always slightly want to cancel in favour of a little lie down but sometimes you just have to pretend to be the kind of person who goes out to tea.

Anyway, she turned up all “D’you have any Nurofen?” and “I think I might need a cheese toastie”. She’d been at a boozy lunch and was heading – via this ill-advised tea date – onwards to a Saturday night food ’n’ partying situation. Not a dinner party and not a rave but a kind of Midult hybrid.

Anyway she found herself – by 4pm – clutched in the claws of a ruthless mid-session hangover and this is why I never, ever drink at lunchtime. A mid-session hangover is when the headache and acid claw (that awful solar plexus sting) strike before the carefree drunkenness takes hold. So it’s lose-lose

Odd that mid-session hangovers are far more prevalent during the day. Perhaps we drink more slowly at lunchtime or maybe it’s something to do with our circadian rhythms. But the bore about them is they are hard to bounce back from: More booze makes them worse and a snooze just means that you wake up with a traditional hangover at 6pm. The answer? Here is the answer: No champagne, no prosecco – these are reasons that weddings and christenings are bastards when it come to the mid-session hangover. Cider or vodka, but no lunchtime wine whatsoever. That little tip(ple) will give you the edge you need to plough on through to evening. Oof.

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