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Meditation Challenge: Day Zero

I’m making an announcement. I’m doing that thing whereby, if I tell you about something, then I have to do it. I’m not going to ask you to sponsor me because we are really quite rude about sponsoring people to try something new and horizon broadening (climbing mountain, growing beard, fucking bicycling) but I am going to proclaim an intention…

But first, the wallpaper to the situation: anxious, tired, obsessive, threatened, twitchy but broadly fine. That’s me. Meh. Not in despair but with very real potential for micro-improvements. So I’m not talking about changing the over-arching narrative of my life, I’m starting small; with the niggles and triggers that make every day feel like an assault course. Sometimes, at the end of it, I feel properly battered – almost traumatised – by what I’ve put myself through because of my own micro-instability.

So here’s the proclamation: I am going to do a meditation challenge. Grrrrr – even writing that makes me cross. But I’m going to give it a go because it feels more moronic to ignore the possibilities that meditation could offer than to embrace them for five minutes a day. That’s it. It’s not so much that I want to start small as that I want to start realistic. I suppose I can find five minutes.

So. I’ve told you. Which means I have to. I slightly blame you. Thanks a lot. But know this: If I can meditate. You can meditate. Perhaps you already do. But if it works for this irritable, impatient, exhausted creature (surely it won’t, surely nothing will…) then we’re on to something. Grrrrr. Furious about this. I’ll let you know…

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