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Life’s too short to care about…

… not having the body you had when you were 20

You don’t have the brain you had when you were 20 either. THANK GOD. Who cares if things are a bit more free and loose these days? Hopefully you’re more free and loose in all ways – so instead of prodding your marshmallowy parts with a sad face, get a grip and just order a pizza.

… making yourself extremely uncomfortable

Remember those days where you would force your weary feet, Ugly Sister-like, into a pair of heels just so you could tramp around all sexy? Or the misery-making tight jeans that cut the blood supply off to the lower half of your body? Shivering through an evening in a too-thin dress or suffering with gastric band vibes because that belt was on the tightest possible notch without you removing a rib… When you’re comfortable, you’re relaxed. And when you’re relaxed, you’re delightful. You do the maths.

… other people having more money than you

You are clothed and fed. Some people have more money than you. Some people have less. The world is a place of perfect balance. Let’s just let the rich be rich and the less rich be less rich and not get cross about it. Everyone is still having to deal with their own shit no matter the state of their bank balance.

… not meditating

Meditation is good for you. It helps your brain form neural pathways that ultimately have a positive, calming effect and improve the way you feel. Going to the gym every day is also good for you. So is cutting out refined sugar and booze and only talking about things positively. This is all fine. But sometimes you just want to lie on the sofa and watch telly tipping a packet of Jaffa Cakes into your face as you text someone about your opinions on Kim Kardashian’s blonde hair when you should be visualising your soul as a jug of clear water.

… going off some old friends

Some old friends are like some old clothes. You know you would never now wear them in a million years. Maybe they not longer fit. Maybe they make you feel terrible. And that’s OK. You don’t have to be friends with someone because you’ve known them for a long time. You don’t HAVE to be friends with anyone. That’s the beauty of friends. You get to pick them. And if you change your mind for whatever reason, wishing them well before quietly closing the shop for business and moving on is the best thing for everybody.

… whether feminism is a dirty word or not

It’s not.

… owning your own house

You probably don’t own a unicorn either and you’ve managed just fine so far.

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