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Let’s talk about road rage

Generations Xers, despite being labelled as generally disaffected and directionless, are furious. There’s not just weariness and worry in the melting pot of Midult madness; there’s rage. RAGE.

A recent statistic from New Zealand shows that we are far more likely to be involved in road rage incidents than Millennials (angry young men) and Baby Boomers (grumpy old buggers). Well, we could have bloody told you that.

Midults are impatient even when standing still, so give us what is effectively a small tank and an accelerator and we will drive it like a weapon. Inconsistently. Because the mind drifts. One minute we are vrooming up someone’s arse screaming expletives (with the window firmly closed because this is, after all, grown-up road rage, not lead-piping road rage), and the next, our mind turns to re-mortgaging or Michael Gove or sex and we slow down to 20mph and weave around, slightly igniting the loathing of others. And cyclists? Don’t even. I mean well done them and all but they are lit from within by righteous indignation which is a) extremely unattractive (please see Jeremy Corbyn) and b) moronic if they choose to team their King Of The Worthy road attitude with headphones. HEADPHONES? I could blow you over. At least keep your senses fully operational.

Anyway, a hormonal Midult, short of sleep, in a car, with thoughts exploding out of her ears is not the ‘Och, bloody women driver’ of old. She is like an Orc or a White Walker or a Dementor or whatever your cultural reference might be. And I’ll tell you this for nothing, if Generation X drivers are angry in New Zealand with all those sheep and all that sky, then imagine how deranged they are in the rest of the world. It’s not pretty.

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