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Let’s have a phone party

It was a Friday night. The sun was shining and I was halfway down my first glass of rosé when the phone rang. It was a super-fun friend. One of those life-enhancers who, when you see them, make amazing things happen. “I need you,” she said, “I’ve had work drinks, I’m half a bottle worse for wear and I need someone to come and get trashed with. Pleeeeeeeeease.” The thing is, the following morning I was going away on lovingly planned trip with a super early flight and this stuff is rare for me these days so I just couldn’t risk being the arsehole who buggered everything up.

But I didn’t want to say a flat no. I wanted to capture some of the Friday night, life-affirming, super-fun connection. Because do any of us really get to spend enough time with the people we love? Proper time? Course not.

So I said, “Let’s have a phone party.” And, readers, we had a ball. I lay on my back in the garden demolishing the pink wine, smoking fags and packing very weird shit for my trip – all the while chatting and howling and listening and loving it. She sat in her flat with a corresponding bottle of red and we plotted and planned and enjoyed each other with no bad hair/clothes/body risk. No taxis and no heels. No restaurant bills and no what-time-will-I-get-home panic. In fact, the party finished bang on 9pm – which, I know you’ll agree is perfect – and then I watched some shit telly. I was bright as a button the next morning. There was simply no price to pay. Invite someone to a phone party. It’s hard to find the downside…

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