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Jangling with Janxiety

New year, new start, new you, new me, new resolutions, new goals, new pace, new attitude, new list. Fresh new year. Fresh new hell. Fresh new anxiety. Is anyone else suffering from Janxiety?

If you’re anything like us, then all the ‘new term’ flutter and freshness strikes in September. That’s when, possibly tanned and warmed, we embrace all the possibility. That’s when, energised and motivated, it seems that we might just be up to the task of… life.

But the pressure of January comes from its subliminal message that, if we don’t set our intentions out like some kind of terrifying moodboard, then the entire year will be a failure. And who feels their best in January? White, flabby, emotionally exhausted and deprived of light – how can we flex those muscles in a way that isn’t slightly hysterical and self-punishing?

Janxious about the fact that we might be this fat or fatter in August. Janxious about the fact that we might be this poor or poorer in September. Ditto tired. Ditto anxious. Ditto not quite living up to who we are meant to be. Ditto disappointed in the world.

The key to battling Janxiety – which is a very specific form of anxiety – is to keep expectations low and self-care high. To not get (any more) over-tired. To swerve resolutions in favour of visualisations which can be done in a series of lovely, long baths.

Everything passes. Everything is a stage. Just let the Janxiety flow round you like water off a duck’s back. Because Janxiety is merely the weight of anticipation which is hugely button-pressing. The calendar is a construct and you are a wonder woman – as Fabruary will clearly demonstrate.

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