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Are you JAME (Just About Managing Exercise)?

Obviously you have spreadsheeted your exercise regime for dry January and beyond. You have a plan: You are going to live forever. You’ve achieved exercise nirvana with a constant calculation of swim/gym/spin that will mean you will soon be able challenge anyone, ANYONE, to a life-off. It feels good to be you. Except.

You probably haven’t. Instead you are a Squeezed Midult; squeezing in a class, or a session or a lap here and there (does helping the grocery delivery driver carry the bags in count?). Well this is for you, one of the JAMEs: Just About Managing Exercise.

So hats off to those like-minded scientists (looking good today, professors) at Loughborough University who found that adults jamming in exercise just one day a week STILL had lower risks of cancer and heart disease than those who didn’t exercise at all. And nearly as low as those who exercise all the time. HA. Sorry for being childish. HA.

This is good news. OK you have to do 75 minutes of high intensity exercise in one go which sounds exhausting and possibly dangerous (is it dangerous? Sounds dangerous). But that fact of one workout counting for something meaningful is nevertheless relaxing.

And of course it is possible that regular exercise is the only thing stopping us from falling off the anxiety cliff. And that making it to any kind of class feels like a treat. An endurance one, but a treat nonetheless. But for now, at least, you don’t have to do it every day. You can cut yourself some slack. And maybe some cake.

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