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I’ve decided to be in a good mood

I am grumpy. And irritable. It’s just who I am. I have sharp corners. And I often, often, often feel disappointed. And, because disappointment is such a disappointing emotion I get cross again. Or bleak. And nothing changes.

And so I have a kind of devastating confession to make: I have started reading The Secret. Sshhhh. I know. It has come to that. And it’s appallingly written and so intensely repetitive that you feel like you’re losing your mind. On and on it drones. But the upshot is this: fake it to make it. If your thoughts are good, your feelings will be good and you will attract ALL THE ABUNDANCE IN THE UNIVERSE.

Therefore, in advance of winning Euromillions, I have decided to be in a good mood. This has never happened before and I am on day one but, what’s the worst that can happen? Even if it takes a while for Euromillions to deliver, I’ll have a much happier time while I wait.

Rather than assume that trouble lies ahead, I’m going to suppose that excellent things are happening. In their own time. You might call this positive visualisation but you would not say that to my face because I would reject that hackneyed term, in a happy go-lucky kind of a way.

But the part of this decision that sits best with me is that this positivity is not directly related to hope. Hope scares the hell out of me. More let downs are not what I need. This skips hope and lands on a confident belief that good stuff is in the post. It is a monumental departure from my grim and cynical habits but, so far, this morning, I am having a lovely time.

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