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Is ambition a dirty word?

Are you ambitious? Were you brought up to feel that you kind of have to answer ‘Yes’ to that question? Do you crave power? Do you embrace superiority? Do you hanker after fame? Just a bit of ‘Do you know who I am?’ Do you yearn to lead? Do you enjoy seeing others fall by the wayside? Not in a spiteful way but just because, y’know, another forehead trodden on, a few more to go… Whatever it takes really. Because… GOAL. If that sounds about right then it seems that yes, you are ambitious and good luck to you.

But is ambition an abused word? Has it come to mean something chilly? Are you in fact, less comfortable with ambitious than, say ‘driven’?

In the world of #Timesup, fingers are starting to be pointed at women who got ahead by trouncing other women. To which we say both, “Damn their eyes” and “We get it – it has been tough out there for females for a couple of millennia.”

So goodbye to hackeneyed old ambition, with its shoulder pads and its dodgy perm. And hello to dynamically rousing ‘driven.’

Let’s try this again: Do you yearn to do well because you know you can? Do you feel that if you do your best work you can be your best self? Do you hanker after meaningful financial reward because, well, why the hell shouldn’t it be you? Do you love what you do and love it when your ability, vigour and talent are recognised? Is hard work a-okay as long as you keep getting satisfying and fulfilling results? Do you believe collaboration to be one of the magical ingredients of true achievement? You are driven. And we wish you all the success in the world.

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