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Incredibly annoying everyday phone behaviour

  1. Calling on speakerphone, answering the phone on speakerphone, anything on speakerphone, turn off the goddam speakerphone.
  2. Scrolling through Instagram while talking to you (we all do this #guilty).
  3. When you are having a jolly text exchange and they decide to call you. Changing lanes without indicating.
  4. When the person calling you loses connection. Who phones who back? It’s either, “Must we continue this conversation?” or “DESPERATE to continue this conversation – he said what?????”
  5. When someone doesn’t answer the phone. We know you are there. We know you know we know.
  6. When someone calls you and you answer the phone and it’s just a butt dial. But then you have to listen for a while in case they say anything scandalous. And you feel pathetic. But you listen just a little longer anyway…
  7. When someone touches your phone.
  8. Except when you show someone a picture. But then they start scrolling. And you stand there with arm outstretched feeling incredibly tense. Please hand it back straight away. Thank you.
  9. When you’ve been talking for half an hour, delivering an intimate analysis of how you are feeling and you realise that the line was cut 20 minutes back. You wondered why there had been so little response. Now should you call back and start again? Maybe they got bored and hung up? You wouldn’t blame them actually.
  10. When people call you when it’s really windy and all you can hear is, “cccrrrrrrccrrrr-hi-crrr-and then he said-crrrrrrr-you think-crrrrr.”
  11. When you put your phone on silent but the person sleeping next to you doesn’t and theirs starts pinging and it wakes you up. And not them.
  12. When you get put on hold by a friend. And it all starts to feel a little municipal.
  13. When someone texts you saying, “We need to talk.” Traumatic.
  14. When someone calls (probably your mother) and you say you have to go and she (your mother) just keeps talking…
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