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I’m more feminist than you

Me: F**k the patriarchy.

You: Set the patriarchy on fire and throw it over a cliff.

Me: I love women.

You: I’m obsessed with women.

Me: I feel so sorry for people who aren’t women.

You: Women are not appreciated enough.

Me: I really appreciate women. More than I appreciate myself.

You: Even though you ARE a woman.

Me: Exactly.

You: You see, that’s because you’ve been conditioned not to appreciate yourself.

Me: Yes, as a feminist, I know that.

You: Your appreciation needs to start with yourself. THAT is feminism.

Me: You know, if a man had said what you just said, I’d be angry.

You: Of course you would.

Me: But because you’re a woman, I just really appreciate it.

You: I really appreciate you saying that.

Me: I wish I was a member of Pussy Riot.

You: We are all members of Pussy Riot.

Me: Just… you know… Simone de Beauvoir.

You: I mean… Eleanor Roosevelt.

Me: Don’t even get me started on Hillary Clinton.


Me: Gloria Steinem…

You: Gloria Gaynor…

Me: We WILL survive.

You: You know what? I can wear pink if I like.

Me: I love pink. I won’t be oppressed by pink.

You: I wear pink when I vote.


You: Thank you for everything, Emmeline.

Me: Thank you for giving me ME.

You: Thank you ME for giving me me.

Me: Thank you you for giving you you.

You: That’s so beautiful. Thank YOU.

Me: I feel very connected to my own strength and to your strength.

You: Your strength makes me stronger.

Me: I would be so oppressed without your strength.

You: I would be dead without your strength.

Me: That’s a very powerful thing to say.

You: Thank you for respecting my power.

Me: My power is so grateful for the recognition from your power.

You: My power would like to pay for this lunch we have just had.

Me:  I love how you just made that powerful decision.

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