dirty dancing, dance lift, water, iconic scene

I think we all need to…

  • …go out into an empty field and scream for an hour.
  • …donate £5 to a dog shelter every time we hear the word Brexit, so that some good comes out of it.
  • …learn the rap in full for the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, a) because it’s culturally important and b) to stop you going mad in the middle of the night because it’s oddly relaxing trying to remember the exact specifics of, ‘Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool/And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school’.
  • …remember that Game of Thrones was created as a piece of entertainment. It is not life-threatening if you didn’t like the ending. Step away from the petition.
  • …have cocktail hour every evening, as if you were the member of a murderous aristocratic family in an Agatha Christie novel.
  • …learn Beyonce’s dance challenge to Before I Let Go, post it and then hope she reposts it because, seriously, imagine if she reposted it. NO, SERIOUSLY.
  • …remember that, in spite of not winning an Oscar, Richard E. Grant is really enjoying the good weather and we can all share in that.
  • …say no when we don’t want to go to a party instead of saying yes and then going, hating it, leaving ten seconds later, having to explain why we didn’t stay and then getting worried because now the person who invited us thinks we’re a dick and is probably telling everyone else that.
  • …wear more red lipstick.
  • …try and do the lift from Dirty Dancing at least once in this life. Even if you’re the lifter…
  • …stop having headphones in/staring at our phones when you’re walking down the street and pay attention to life.
  • …start thinking of funny songs to play at your funeral when you feel scared about death. Start with the Jaws theme/Sorry by Justin Bieber/Good Riddance by Green Day.
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