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How to do botox

  1. Botox is not about the lines on your forehead. They do not make you look old and erasing them in favour of a waxen death mask makes you look ageless in only the most terrifying way. They can, however, be softened. This is why you say to your (well qualified unless you’re a ninny) doctor: ‘Please give me half of what you give everyone else. I would like to be mobile.’
  2. Botox is not about the lines around your eyes. See above. And it cannot help with bags.
  3. Artful Botox can, nonetheless, open your eyes. This is where things get good. It can make you look awake, alert, alive, vital, rested and content when you are in fact tired, dazed, frustrated, sloppy and disappointed.
  4. Lower face botox is magic. It deals with the down-turned mouth of the concentrating or simply unaware woman. It can paralyse the muscles that pull the outer corners of the mouth down into the old trout pout.
  5. Botox bruises. Not much, but a bit. And also takes 3 days to kick in, so diarise accordingly.
  6. Having Botox gives you a real high. And this high makes you vulnerable. It makes you say things like, ‘Maybe I need fillers. Will you please give me some fillers?’ Never have spontaneous injectables. Ever.
  7. There are many women out there who have Botox and do not tell their husbands because these men say things like ‘I find Botox repellent.’ They also say things like ‘I find make-up repellent.’ But they quite like a fresh-faced vision across the dinner table so… go figure.

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