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Home me vs. Away me

I, like you, am often (always) tired. And I, like you, sometimes (always) look at a diary stuffed with fun things and think… Oof. And then I, like you, occasionally get to a party and wonder when it will be going-home time. And – single – I find flirting rather a heavy prospect when sitting in the context of my everyday life. I don’t want to drink because grown-up hangovers last for the rest of our natural lives and I will, more often than not, book a cab home before I’ve even left the house to go to a party. I take the fun out of dysfunction.

But on location? Taken out of my framework, taken far away, taken somewhere that involves a plane? Unrecognisable. Bottomlessly fun and flirtatious; deeply relaxed about timings, the contrast is, frankly weird. What is it about a journey that can release us from the tyranny of our own personalities? I care less about what I look like and what I say. The two women seem almost unrelated to each other.

And so, of course, I ask myself, how to channel location me into local me. How to fake it to make it less stressful and more joyful. How to lift myself emotionally out of my life for long enough to have a really, freeingly good time. Enough to feel fun. If I can be ace when I’m at a party in the land of far away then that potential is always there. Surely. And yet I cannot flick that override switch. I’m stuck with domestic me. So all I can do now is try not to resent her. Or just travel much, much, much more…

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