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My Instagram feed cheers me up. It is a genuine pleasure. Now.

Then? Then it made me mocking, sneery, jealous, threatened and bored. Because I am not a nice person and so I found that I didn’t deal brilliantly with all the – what’s a generous and neutral way to put this? – curated lies. Such perfection. So many children (why actively put your children on the internet? Isn’t there time enough for their dossier to accumulate?). Breakfast tables laid just so. Holidays. Is #firstdayinparadise even a hashtag? Dresses and parties and HILARIOUS human pyramids and more children and maybe a new outfit. #ootd #spoilt #spoilingmyday

Imagine what we would have thought – ten years ago – of people whipping out a pile of holiday photographs and passing them around the table. It smacks of those round robin, summing up letter inserts in Christmas cards at the end of the year with details of the cruise and the kid’s GCSE results. Do I sound bitter? That’s because I AM.

And so I did a cull, and removed most of my friends who I love IRL but perhaps not on Instagram. Delete, delete, delete. I can see all the kids and shoes and holidays on Facebook where I am somehow more emotionally prepared for the onslaught. So now, my Instagram feed is a symphony of interiors, fashion, news and funny. A delight. Uplifting. Soothing. Gives me ideas. I take what we used to call clippings (screenshots) in case I ever have any money to redecorate, I tag people, I get involved.  And I like my friends again. #tryit

Beautiful interiors: Some posh and in-our-wildest-dreams, others do-able in-our-everyday-dreams. Delicious.

Fantasy interiors and exteriors. A hugely romantic visual feast.

Funny. Properly. Occasionally annoying but basically cheering and shareable and not a #blessed in sight.

Snippets of conversations. Too good to be made up. A glimpse into the Los Angeles mindset.

Diverting, intriguing snippets of news that you wont see on the front pages.

Oh god, such gorgeous furniture. Colours, textures. Super-stylish. Dive in.

A titan illustrator at the top of his game. Mesmerising.

Old-school wit. Sometimes topical. Sometimes situational. Sometimes moving. Always sharp.

We have to say this.

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