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Go to the cinema on your own. It’s lovely.

When you are young, going to the cinema by yourself can feel a bit like you’re wearing a sandwich board that says, ‘I COULDN’T GET ANYONE TO COME WITH ME BECAUSE I HAVE NO FRIENDS’. Fortunately, the day comes when you realise that no one gives an arse what you’re doing. No one is looking at you or thinking about you because they’re thinking about themselves. As a result, solo-based activities like going to the cinema alone are completely lovely and you reap the following rewards:

  1. There is no debate about what to go and see. Yours is the only opinion that counts. As if you needed telling.
  2. There is no debate about the time: ‘I have to put the kids to bed’ / ‘I won’t be back from work by then’ / ‘I have Spinning on a Tuesday’. Fuck your excuses! I’ll go when I like!
  3. If you’re the one buying tickets, it’s sort of silly these days to accept when someone offers to pay you back. We’re all grown ups, after all. But four seats could set you back AT LEAST £60 – and then the jokers might bail at the last moment because their child has started puking or it’s full moon and they can’t leave the house. Stop burning money, what’s wrong with you?
  4. Let’s remember the cinema should be a silent experience. You can’t – or shouldn’t – talk. It’s tempting when there’s someone else there – unless you are on your own. Do you have any idea how considerate this makes you? Here’s a word: SELFLESS.
  5. You don’t have to share your popcorn. Do not underestimate the enormity of this point.

Going to the cinema alone is surprisingly empowering. And relaxing – no one else’s plans need to fit in with yours. It’s just you and your awesome self. You don’t need to think of a fake reason to see The Nice Guys. You can just settle back and fancy Ryan Gosling in peace. Worth trying.

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