lucille ball, shocked, wide mouthed, outraged

Feeling madder/sadder than usual?

This is your captain speaking. We are experiencing severe emotional turbulence. Keep your seatbelts fastened. The oxygen masks are coming. And you are not alone. This advice is for your comfort but also for your safety.

Because some shit is going down, right? You will surely be feeling it. Are you, by any chance, crying more than usual? Like, a lot. Are you panicking? Like, waaaaaaay beyond your usual ‘loungewear’ anxiety. Does that now feel like child’s play compared to this, your fancy-end-of-this-fucking-weird-year anxiety.

The only point of this little story is to say that, however distressed and confused you feel, you are not to blame yourself. That’s an order – remember, this is your captain. Could be the floods and fires, the Trumps and Ertogans, the election fuckery, the Brexit cuntishness, Mercury in retrograde, this vicious Taurus moon, hormones, financial uncertainty, brain chemicals, the darkness (both flavours), exhausted adrenals, slipped discs, existential despair, the leak in the kitchen ceiling or that one chin hair that you can feel but which won’t allow its bastard self to be plucked. Could be all of the above.

All we know, at The Midult, is that we have never witnessed emotional blackness like this amongst our people. Listen, 2019… WTF? And we kind of felt that about 2018 too so we’re all running on empty.

So… talk to each other to combat the isolation. It’s amazing how many ‘me toos’ you hear when you whisper that you are breathless with worry. Or that you feel burnt out. Pointless. It’s amazing how oddly funny and nutritious those admissions can be.

And then we can safely assume that we are not lazy or failing. We are just going through a bit of hell. And you know what they all say, right? If you’re going through hell… keep going. One breath at a time. One foot in front of the other. That, readers, is called winning. Now, thank you for travelling with us today. And very best of luck with your onwards journey. Also – you’re magnificent. Why don’t real captains say that? Let’s make it the law.

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