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A step into the fantasised world of the Celebrity Free Pass

Inevitably, conversations between two established lovers will lead to the Celebrity Free Pass.  A free pass grants the holder permission to hook up with a famous outsider without repercussion. My free pass is far too embarrassing to write about because it may involve a pop singer from 5ive, however I’m considering upping the stakes and going with Jason Momoa, aka Drogo from Game of Thrones.

The other night, my boyfriend Pete and I were at a charity thing when he spotted his free pass; Rachel Stevens from S Club 7. Pete and I turned to look at each other in synchronized realisation that standing just a few feet away was the girl to whom I might have to sacrifice my relationship for one night.

Pete, being the gentleman that he is, made his phwoar face (understandably – that girl is hot… heck, had he not put her name down, I would have done), and kept his distance, although I’m sure his champagne flute steamed up a little. I, on the other hand, remembering that a good offence can make a strong defence, chased after her and asked whether she would have her picture taken with my boyfriend. They posed, my camera giving her devilish red eyes (sorry Rach) and we said our goodbyes. To be honest, it felt more like taking a fanboy to meet Captain America than intruding on a potential XXX fantasy.

What would I have done had sparks flown? Could I kiss my Pete and say “See you tomorrow, now go have fun”? Hmmm! Free passes make for brilliant fantasy. When faced with the reality though, you realise how much you love what you have. Don’t you agree Pete? PETE?????

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