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Fancy a game of Cancel Chicken?

This is currently trending in our heads as the hot January game. Actually, who are we kidding? This game is always ON, it’s just that it’s more ‘acceptable’ to talk about it in January. “Oh, I’m so cold/fat/broke/dry…” is a meaningful weapon in the fight to never, ever leave the sofa. In June it’s tougher. But not impossible, not if you are a Cancel Chicken Champion.

Cancel Chicken is an intensely Midult game. We are both competitors and the judges in the battle for cancel-premacy. But while the modus operandi is shared (‘Just can’t face it’) we all have our own style, be that direct, unscrupulous or downright fearless. So, are you:

  1. The normcore: I’m so sorry but I’ve got a terrible headache/deadline/flood.
  2. The manipulator: Can you face it? It’s freezing and I’m oddly tired but I’d LOVE to see you.
  3. The hardcore: Nothing. Nada. Zilch. This is truly playing hardball. Because you might have to stick to the plan (imagine the horror) but you might win and get a cancel in the bank which is a very comfortable place to live.

Always remember to play the long-game. Sometimes sacrifices must be made in order to strengthen one’s position and secure some credit on the cancel-bank. Always good to have a couple up your sleeve.

Cancel Chicken is a game of heart, mind and soul. Also of text, small lies and risk. Never, ever make a plan with one of those people who goes insane if you cancel. It is not worth the stress. Because if there is one thing we Midults know, it is this: if you need to cancel, you need to cancel.

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