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Everyday insults

It all seems so innocuous to begin with – just a passing comment. But no – those passing comments people let drift out of their mouths can have something of the tiny dig about them. A mild, passive aggressive insult, probably not really meant as one and always said with a Cheshire cat smile. Like Olivia Colman’s character in Fleabag. Behold, the #EverydayInsults:

  1. You look tired. (You look like shit)
  2. You look well. (You usually look like shit/you look fat)
  3. You’re such an original. (You’re a show-off and that coat is truly hideous)
  4. You’ve lost weight. (Because, girl, you had weight to lose)
  5. You’ve really grown into your looks. (You used to look like shit)
  6. (said without laughing) You’re so funny. (I don’t know how to handle you and I know I’m being outclassed)
  7. Did you really make this yourself? (You’re usually so incompetent)
  8. My God, is that your new boyfriend? He’s so handsome. (He’s out of your league/you’re punching above your weight)
  9. You look summery. (You’re exposing too much flesh)
  10. You’re much better at explaining things than me. (You always talk over me)
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