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We don’t need no meditation. Oh yes we do.

In hot tele-drama Billions, the US Attorney and his bête ginge, Damien Lewis’s hedge-fund king, are both seen taking time out from punishing criminals/making fortunes. Are they golfing? Are they gambling? No. They are meditating.  Meditation has gone prime time and they’re not even taking the piss. Meanwhile you can’t move for meditation apps vying for your data space. Do you know why? Deep breath. They are great. They may just be the thing that lies between you and the bin. They may just be the me-time, *slightlyvomits*, that stops you from going totally postal.

It’s just got a bit of a bad rep, that’s all. So let’s take it back to basics. Wikipedia describes it nicely and dispassionately like this: ‘Meditation is a practice where an individual trains the mind, either to realise some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content.’ In other words, it’s a space where your thoughts matter but don’t own you. What a blessed relief.

So let’s reframe meditation. If you can’t bear to say ‘I’m just off to meditate’ because it makes you want to chuck a hipster against a yurt wall (it wouldn’t hurt), then say ‘I am going for a walk’. Just tell yourself that you are going for a nice relaxing stroll. To get some air. For ten minutes. That is sort of what you are doing anyway, taking a gentle journey into the forest of your brain. To try to see the wood for the trees. Or maybe a jaunt through your neural sand dunes. To create lovely fresh pathways. Shiny new thoughts.  And it will help.

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