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Do you smell of the future?

Do you smell of the future? Do you have a whiff of the mid-21st Century about you?  I only ask because a friend recently described someone (a fellow 40-something woman) this way and I was incredibly jealous. Because ‘you smell of the future’ is both an incredible compliment, and a necessity.

Who wants to smell of the past? Of Fracas and parma violets. Of bricky mobile phones and jump on and jump off buses. Now I am not suggesting that we should only be future-focussed, ever looking past the shoulder of the present to the great wide open road in front of us. But what is the point of being a futurefusnik?

And of course nostalgia for the past is wonderful. But an appetite for what’s next is essential. This doesn’t necessarily mean being Snapchat-literate or able to code and talk to robots, although quite frankly that might help, but rather be willing, prepared and ravenous.

Because it is no longer OK to grow up and check out. We Midults need to know about everything, everything is relevant. Be a sponge. Ask a younger. Track the trends. Fall over tired and start again. Otherwise you’ll be stampeded by a herd of Generation Next buffalo. And maybe you don’t care – and that’s really fine too.  You have so much wit and wisdom already to offer.

But if you do care then take a leap into the unknown. It’s very Midult-y behaviour. Not a salsa class. A Ted talk. Not a new book club. A new blog. Not a new bag. A new voice, a new perspective, a new lease of life.  And if someone ever tells you that you smell of the future, hug them hard. And then keep going.

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