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Do you have multiple personalities?

We are all more than one woman, right? Of course right. But it’s not as simple as being many things at once. Not as rainbow-ish as merely texture and multiple facets. We can be opposites. No one is trying to confuse anyone. Everyone is just trying to make it through the day. You just need to be kind to the hero and zero in your personality. Because neither is going anywhere…

A masterpiece and a work in progress

Look at you: you’re magnificent. Such wisdom. True perspective. Not to mention original-so-original. “The thing about [insert name here] is…” people say, followed by your standout qualities. And yet you’re also a bit, hmmm, rough around the edges. Reactive, perhaps. Envious, maybe. Petty, occasionally. Rageful, often. You are absolutely you: wonderful and a little bit terrible. Flawless and messy. Your own personal magic.

A nun and a vamp

Which would you rather? Have sex every night for a year (oof) or never again? Well, the answer rather depends on the day, doesn’t it? No one should ever assume anything about the state of our underwear, our libido or our peccadillos. They are ever-shifting sands.

Empathetic and ruthless

It’s as though you have no skin, right? You feel their pain, don’t you? You care, you get it, you do. Or maybe you don’t. Not now, not today. Maybe they should pull themselves together

Amusing and dull

You’re hilarious and everyone is laughing and this is so great. Until everything you say is slightly wrong and somehow you seem to be talking people through your train times and explaining how real ale is brewed and suddenly you notice that nobody is asking you any open ended questions.

Innumerate and Stephen Hawking

Judging by your overdraft you are struggling with the most basic of economic principles – you mustn’t spend what you do not have. BUT suddenly someone asks you about the timings and ratio of the Gatwick Express/airport calories and exchange rate, and you are Stephen Hawking…

Lonely and claustrophobic

Gosh you feel lonely right now. Too much time isolating on the sofa and watching repeats on telly. Or listening to the A Star is Born soundtrack and ugly-crying. And yet, the phone rings… WHY CAN’T PEOPLE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE?

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