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All the different kinds of tired

Legitimate tired

A lot has got done today. Actual energy has been used and you’ve earned the right to feel tired. The good kind of tired. You have exerted yourself and now you must recharge. Balanced tired. Civilised. Sane.

Tranquilliser dart tired

You’ve been hit by something. Why is it that you never feel this tired at night? Like you are a rhino who has a dart in the neck and is going to be dragged off in a net and tagged for its own safety? The kind of tired that makes you have to lock yourself in a cubicle at work and sleep bolt upright for six minutes.

Angry and emotional tired

When everything has stopped making sense, nor do you care to let it make sense because you’re just too tired to process anything and can you all just get out of my fucking face and leave me alone forever YOU ACTUAL BASTARDS, I MIGHT CRY NOW.

Turbo-charged tired

Dangerous, deranged, adrenaline-fuelled maniac who is functioning on double speed until mid-afternoon when it all just crashes and the creature becomes docile and incomprehensible.

Fake tired

The excuse you give for being an arsehole today. But don’t be under any illusions, everyone knows it’s just your personality.

Panic tired

When you generally do not know how you are going to do the things that need doing. It does not seem possible. Nothing seems possible. You are totally poisoned.

Drunk tired

Not when you’re actually drunk, but you are so tired that you are behaving and sounding as if you are. Unfair you didn’t get to enjoy the drunk part but have just gone straight to the slurring.

Too tired to sleep tired

The more desperate you are to sleep, the more your brain refuses to cooperate and shut down. The realm beyond tired. Too awful to dwell on.

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