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Your diary is not the boss of you

It’s like jenga, your diary, isn’t it? Pull something out and slot something else in and hope the whole shebang doesn’t come tumbling down around your ears. Infamy. Infamy. My diary’s got it in for me. These hacks might help though…

  1. If you are asked to do something, imagine it’s tonight. If you don’t want to do it tonight you are not going to want to do it in three weeks time. Or ever.
  2. Do not be bullied by Save the Dates. It is a piece of information, not a directive.
  3. It’s OK to cancel once. But if you think you are going to cancel a second plan, avoid making it.
  4. If it’s looking like a busy week and your energy equations aren’t adding up, manage everyone’s expectations and let them know you’ll be leaving at 22:30. Sober. Ish.
  5. Write ‘night in‘ in your calendar. It’s no longer a blank space. It’s for you.
  6. If you put more than one thing in on one night, do it mindfully. Because it’s going to be a nightmare.
  7. Accept the fancy dress invitations. They may sound like a bore but will usually only involve a bit of fake blood or some bunny ears – and be more fun than normcore parties: low investment, high yield.
  8. Just because you don’t have kids doesn’t mean you are permanently available.
  9. Don’t drink and diarise.
  10. And finally, you are the boss of your diary. Your diary is not the boss of you. Don’t be a martyr to the scheduling.
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