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Deal with your bed

Who wants a new kitchen, a new loft, a new pair of boobs, a new man, a new perspective, a new start? Fine, but what about something that will make a profound difference to your life and – with a couple of clicks and a couple of hundred quid – is eminently achievable?

Ladies, get your bed in order. Teabag pillows? Bin them and get some bouncy ones. Old V-shaped cushions from an old back injury, old pregnancy? Not allowed. Outgoing. Incoming are large square pillows with nice slubby linen cases. Fitted sheets that keep popping off the corners of the mattress? So infuriating. So depressing. So easily remedied. Grubby old sarong draped dispiritingly across greying duvet? Well it doesn’t make you want to dive in, does it?

I say all this – I rant all this – because I recently bought a quilt that I am evangelical about. It was a rare ‘because I’m worth it’ moment. Pale green velvet on the top, it is oatmeal-coloured linen underneath. Heavy, luxe-y yet earthy, it completely changed the way I feel about my bedroom. Then I had to sort out the pillows and linen – for about the price of a Zara outfit.

Single, on nights in, I am usually in it by 8:30 – often having had a lavender bath with a facemask first. Because self-care begets self-care. I am finding it easier to leap from my grown-up bed situation and head for the gym first thing. My bed is now a splendid, cosy nest. And I absorb the reflected glory. There may even be a man in it soon. I want to show it the hell off.

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