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When dating drives you crazy

Cancelling a friend is what it is. Maybe you’re tired. It’s fine. People who won’t allow themselves to be cancelled (within reason – a moveable feast, obviously) are basically terrorists and should be punished.

Cancelling a colleague or a business contact is what it is. Sure, a full-blown culture of cancellation is to be avoided but… it happens. Diaries. Moving parts. And so on…

But cancelling dates? Oooooooh. Proceed with caution. Cancelling dates is dangerous territory. Cancelling dates presses buttons you see. Trauma buttons. Self-esteem buttons. And good, old-fashioned crazy buttons. Proceed with cancellation caution lest you cancel someone like this 29-year-old woman who, upon suggesting a 7pm rendezvous, received a reply which said, “I actually just made other plans. I didn’t think I was going to hear back from you. Sorry.” It unleashed hell.

“Hahahaha really bro? Fucking really? No need to apologize lol. The only sorry one is you ugly ass faggot.” So she made her point, right? Wrong. She had more to say… so much more. “I was just going to use you for free drinks lol.” Do you suppose he was lolling? Not entirely convinced she was lolling. And it goes on: “You’re so ugly why would you mess up an opportunity w me? Loser lol [so much lolling]… and yeah right your ugly ass hobbit ass didn’t make plans dumb ass lol… & trust me [we don’t trust you]… I never wanna meet you. Here’s me not caring…” Imagine what would happen if she cared. “Bye ginger midget.”

And, done. Except not done. “You’re an ugly ass ginger troll who looks like one of the gremlins/elves from Lord of The Rings [umm, that’ll be Orlando Bloom then]… Try going for girls ugly like you! I don’t ever wanna meet you and you’re just mad I blew you off. Sorry!”

Oh well phew. We got that sorted. She in fact cancelled him. Listen, we are sure as hell not going to argue with this one…

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