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Conversations you have with yourself during therapy

Me: I’ve been feeling more positive this week.

Also me: Don’t want her to think I’m not serious about this.

Me: I took on board what you said in our last session.

Also me: Didn’t understand it at all.

Me: I’m taking more responsibility for my choices.

Also me: Except the ones driven by my abandonment issues. Not my fault.

Me: Am I sleeping better?

Also me: Ahahahahahahaha.

Me: I mean, miraculously, yes.

Also me: I’m actually paying to lie to someone.

Me: I feel like I’m starting to see how destructive my thought patterns are.

Also me: That pain in my toe might still be cancer.

Me: And that thoughts are not real.

Also me: The one about having no money was real.

Me: They’re just made-up things in my head that I shouldn’t believe.

Also me: Good luck with that.

Me:  I’m being kinder to myself.

Also me: She’ll like that.

Me: Not giving myself such a hard time about things I’m trying to change.


Me: I realise that change doesn’t happen overnight.

Also me: Except for Louise in Upper Four, who literally DID get boobs overnight.

Me: I’m comparing myself to people less.

Also me: Thank God therapists can’t see Instagram activity… can they???

Me: And I’m doing my affirmations in the mirror.

Also me: While crying and screaming.

Me: I’m trying to release the need for destructive relationships.

Also me: Apart from drunk-sexting my ex.

Me: I’m putting myself first, for once.

Also me: It was pretty hot until I saw his new girlfriend on Instagram.

Me: It’s hard, yes, but I’m working on it.

Also me: Probably shouldn’t have then sent him that picture of my boobs…

Me: Self-judgement is not inevitable.

Also me: Fuck, is there now a picture of my nipples on iCloud??

Me: It’s a choice.

Also me: What even is iCloud????

Me: Yes, I agree that we’re really making progress too.

Also me: She must never find out about any of this.

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