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Compliments that make us deranged with joy

We know all about the backhanded ones (“Only you could get away with that”) – but what about the ones we LIVE to receive…

You’ve got it all under control

As in, “Give this project to Emilie, she’s got everything under control.” Maybe you are in the room, maybe you are listening at the door, maybe you hear about it later. And you think that all that energy expended hiding the crazy feelings is working. Give yourself a pat on the back.

A stranger stops you in the street to ask you where you got your bag/shoe/coat/anything from

This is never not wonderful. It never doesn’t put a spring in your step. Even better when you can say back: “H&M, yesterday” rather than, “From a small boutique in Reykjavik,” which is, in a way, returning the compliment.

You are dancing and someone says, “Wow, aren’t you a good dancer!?!”

Ok so given the amount of time you now spend in nightclubs, the window for this compliment is pretty non-existent. But if someone sees you moving in time to music at an exercise class, family party or while a guy is busking… and says anything that sounds like ‘good’ then you feel so incredibly like you’re still relevant.

This is properly great

The chicken you’ve cooked? The work you’ve just handed in? The shoes with the dress? Anyone says, “This is properly great,” you take that compliment and you run with it, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

When someone laughs – really guffaws – at something you say

Is this the greatest sound ever?

When people like your house

A Midult’s home is a reflection of her state of mind. Sometimes it’s immaculate, unimpeachable, sometimes it’s a mess. But you bought those strange quirky cups in Valencia and chose that sofa fabric (by mistake) ON PURPOSE. So… you are good at this.

When your mother tells you you are looking worryingly thin

You know this flies in the face of everything. But there’s nothing so satisfying as a concerned parent head tilt over thinness.

When someone cries because they are so pleased to see you

Maybe you’ve moved hell or high water to get somewhere, or maybe it’s just an ordinary Thursday with someone you love. Either way, this is a most gratifying reaction.

When someone tells you that you have given them courage

You’re endlessly sharing your unique Midult wisdom. You are utilising those battle-scars for the good. You find talking people down off emotional cliffs exhausting but you’re stupidly pleased when it works. If you can offer perspective then you must have picked up some tips along the bumpy road.

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