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Coffee Is Good For You… And Other New Year Revelations

Coffee is good for you

Important news flash: coffee is actually good for you, OK? The science says so. The stimulation from caffeine can (albeit temporarily) increase brain function and coffee can reduce your chances of having a stroke or a heart attack. Remember to tell people this when you are pushing them out of the way at work to get to the coffee machine (‘I need it before the meeting, it’ll make me cleverer and less likely to die of a heart attack when someone makes a terrible suggestion,’ etc). However, don’t overdo it. Medical research has revealed that 50 cups in one go could kill you – so just stick to your usual 49.

Don’t sit caffeine next to supplements

While we’re on the subject of caffeine – a little head’s up. If you’re taking supplements, make sure you don’t take them with a caffeinated drink. That’s because caffeine can inhibit how your body absorbs nutrients (caffeine is good, we didn’t say it was perfect – big difference). Give it a window of half an hour and you’re good to go.

The Big Breakfast

‘Breakfast like a king’, the old saying goes – but what you may or may not know is that the whole sentence is actually ‘breakfast like a king who understands the health benefits of protein and doesn’t touch any of that sugary junk that most people think is fine.’ Having a hearty portion of protein is essential every time you eat, as it helps regulate your blood sugar balance and stops you getting those mid-morning slumps – so bust out the eggs / ham / nut butters / seeds / yogurt / kippers etc. Get creative. Maybe not the kippers and yogurt together, but each to their own.

Stand like a flamingo. No, seriously.

Look, telling you to stand on one leg like a flamingo may make us sound like we’ve lost the plot, but scientists have discovered that this simple move genuinely helps the brain to form new nerve connections – plus the length of time you are able to balance can apparently reveal how likely you are to develop cancer or have heart attacks (don’t @ us, it’s what they said). The good news is, you don’t necessarily have to wear pink OR feathers for this to work. Just get flexi while you’re doing your teeth or washing up. It’s what the flamingos would want.

Victorious Victorians

This might sound insane, but the Victorians are considered the gold standard when it comes to balanced nutrition – way healthier than the kind of thing we’re shovelling in today. Yes, their diets were high in calories, but their food was unprocessed and they were keen on healthy things like fermented sourdough, so their immune systems were rather high functioning. That’s why they wore hooped skirts – so they could carry around all their healthy snacks on little hooks underneath (Can you PROVE that’s not true?)

Tomatoes could do better.

‘But I’m so good for you,’ that tomato in the fridge is saying to you. ‘LIAR!’ you probably don’t need to shout – but the truth is, while they contain the powerful antioxidant lycopene, their nutritional value is quite low (unless you’re plucking them fresh from the vine, Italian style). LYMA’s supplement has the same amount of lycopene in it as two kilos of tomatoes – considerably less of an ordeal to consume.

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