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Beauty School Dropout: ZitSticka spot stickers

You know those spots you get that ache before they show? They emit heat and a low-level soreness when you move your face and you know you’re in for a proper monster. So you wait and wait and up it comes….hello! And it’s angry and slow and you try to hold off until there is a fat bubble of whitehead but you can’t quite so you perform surgery and there is blood and gore and it’s sore and it scabs and becomes uncoverupable. And that happens on the day you have a party or a date or a presentation and you are TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT.

Well BSD is here to tell you that the fight is over and peace can reign. Zitstickas are clear little patches studded with self-dissolving micro-darts to kill the bastard spots before they have even got going. That part is crucial: you must use these at the start of the situation before the skin has actually erupted. And do not use them on slidey, freshly moisturised skin because they’ll fall off.

The tiny needles are laced with Hyaluronic acid that eases the way for the zit-killing ingredients to enter the spot. Then there is Salicylic acid to begin to clean everything out. Niacinamide to zap redness. Oligopeptide-76 to stop the zit progressing and Sodium Hydroxide to balance pH. These darts dissolve in two hours and are invisible enough to wear at work or on the bus if not out to a smart dinner. And they work in a way that means that old horror of ‘I bet I’ll wake up with a massive spot on the day of….’ is effectively neutralised. They are pricey. But they are worth it.

ZitSticka, Killa Kit, £27

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