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Beauty School Dropout: Vita liberata ten-minute tan

Oh God, the days are getting longer. That’s good, right? Well… kinda. Is daylight really our friend? Insurance policies must, at this point, be put in place. Beauty School Dropout’s March-to-October insurance is Vita Liberata’s Ten Minute Tan which takes her from cadaver to human woman with gratifyingly little fuss. Mix it, in the palm of your hand, with moisturiser and then rub it in. Thoroughly. Then wash your hands very immediately and don’t forget your nail beds unless you want to look like you’ve been smoking 60 a day for the last 20 years. The advice is to wash it off after ten minutes but Beauty School Dropout is not very organised so she just leaves it on.  The point is, it’s hurry-proof. So even if you’re in a blurry, sweaty rush, it still does its job. This stuff will hold your hand for that slightly stressful segue from Winter into Spring. The great unveiling of limbs. The glare of evening light. Lo and behold… a human woman has emerged from hibernation. And she’s not looking too shabby.

Vita Liberata, Ten Minute Tan, 150ml, £30

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