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Beauty School Dropout: Urban decay glitter eyeliner

Glitter is not just for other people. It’s for you. And it’s properly feel-good. If you’re feeling dull, why not paint on the sparkle? Fake it to make it. But you don’t want the kind of glitter that spills everywhere and then gets mission creep; migrating from your eyelids all the way down your face. You need glitter to behave like a well-trained puppy: sit and stay. Not a naughty dog that feels the need to endlessly mark its territory.

Summer glitter is subtler than Christmas twinkle. And more surprising. A glitter eyeliner sets a lovely, flirty, glamorous tone for your make-up and Urban Decay still produces the standout, self-proclaimed gateway drug to hard-core sparkle in the form of their Heavy Metal liquid glitter eyeliner.

There are three ways to go with this:

  • A pale blue or pink or green for playful, festivally frolics which Beauty School Dropout would not recommend for grown-ups.
  • A lovely rich shade like Stixnbones which is a flattering maroon with glitter evenly distributed within it for all the eye-widening drama of a liquid eyeliner plus glimmer.
  • A barely there, hologrammatic situation like Pyro – iridescently pale and almost invisible. Until you turn your head. And then… starlight.

Urban Decay, Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner, £16

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