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Beauty School Dropout: Ultrasun

Did anyone in England feel prepared when the sun came out last weekend? Did anyone think: oh good, I am hairless and honeyed and in full possession of brilliant non-expired suncream? Did anyone survive that first al fresco lunch without – at best – a pink nose, a bee sting or full body itch?

Here is a big bottle of sun stuff that will see you through to September (£36 for 400ml although it does some in smaller sizes) without causing you a moment’s distress or irritation. Far and away the best suncream that Beauty School Dropout has ever used, Ultrasun was developed as a sports range and is designed to stay put. A once-a-day application for sweat, water and towel resistant protection. This makes it really quite cheap because you can whack it on the morning and that’s that. And it also means that it doesn’t dribble into your eyes. How many miserable holiday lunches have you had, peepers stinging and watering behind sunglasses or, if you are anything like BSD, you would have forgotten or sat on your sunglasses exposing your pink eye for all to admire.

Star of the range is perhaps the Sports Gel SPF30. ‘What’s this?’ you think as you squeeze a puddle into the palm of your hand, ‘An oil? I DIDN’T WANT AN OIL.’ But then you rub it in and realise it is a kind of genius liquid gel that absorbs immediately with no stickiness or pastiness or streakiness. Just a slight, pleasant cooling sensation. It is an absolute delight to use. And, last summer, Beauty School Dropout, did not burn even once. But she did go a rather pleasing golden…

Ultrasun Sports SPF 30, 400ml, £36

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