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Beauty School Dropout: Trinny London Lip Light Glinda

Right now, BSD is obsessed with make-up to use when her face just isn’t working. When it won’t behave. Because she is finally grown-up enough to accept that when this happens – be it because of hormones, tiredness or general fuckery – less make-up is the way forwards. When things are really bad and crone-like, she just does tinted moisturiser (Bobbi Brown), concealer (Laura Mercier – the one in the tube), bronzer (Tilbury), mascara (Avon) and… one rather magic ingredient.

Firstly, you should know that she read the label wrong. And what she thought was a cream eye shadow, is in fact a sparkly lipstick topper. But ignore that fact because it is the most sensational eye-shadow-that-isn’t-an-eye-shadow. It lights everything up.

Glinda, by Trinny London, takes one swipe of the fingertip over the eyelid and one dot of the fingertip in the inner corner of the eye and suddenly you are awake, glamorous and about ten percent more gorgeous than you were ten seconds ago. Weird.

This delivers an effect that people who are scared of eye shadow believe is unavailable to them. Not so. And it delivers an effect that people who are not scared of eye shadow but are currently too haggard to risk eye shadow will truly appreciate. Because it never, ever goes wrong. Almost unheard of.

Trinny London Lip Light Glinda, £24

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