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Beauty School Dropout: Trinny London cheekbones

Don’t have cheekbones? Paint ‘em on, guys. You can be the architect of your own face and we’re not talking about terrifying Love Island contouring and strobing. All you need, to imply a sculpted cheek hollow, is a dull, matte product that deprives the area of light, emulating a natural shadow. That and a spare fingertip to blend, blend, blend. No striping. Just pressing the pigment into your skin. Trinny London is Trinny Woodall’s online make-up range, mostly delivered in small, stackable pots that click together. Her contouring cream comes in two shades, the lighter of which, ‘Kate’ works with pale to mid-olive skin tones and will look, to all the world, as though you were born this way – just chiseled. Experiment with putting it down the sides of you nose for an elegant aquiline or just below jawline to refine things a bit. You only need to use very, very little of this product. So the £25 ought to go a long, long way. Couple of years I’d say. Potted cheekbones.

Trinny London, Cheekbones Kate, £25

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