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Beauty School Dropout: This works power nap spray

If Beauty School Dropout knows one thing, it’s this: seize every napportunity. Her whole life is a series of obstacles keeping her from napping. Whatever the question, a nap is the answer. Whatever the problem… well… a nap isn’t going to make things worse, is it?

So there you are, lying in a darkened room, waiting to sleep. Your nap window is closing, closing, closing, your badly behaved brain just won’t let go. And, as we all know, a missed napportunity is a mini-tragedy. BSD has wept before. Dragging her toxically weary bones from bed back to world. Furious. Defeated.

This Works Sleep Power Nap Spray is the newest of their lavender and camomile based pillow sprays. Turbo-charged for easy sleep/easy wake. And even if this is a psychosomatic situation, every Midult will know that in order to nap, you need to believe that sleep is possible. That your brain will let go. That you are feeling sleepy… very, very sleepy. Since discovering this, BSD’s nap success rate has soared to… actually, she’s not going to tempt fate. She wasn’t born yesterday…

This Works Sleep Power Nap Spray 10ml duo, £15

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