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Beauty School Dropout: This works perfect legs skin miracle

Beauty School Dropout’s legs are out. Are your legs out? How do we feel about this? How do we feel about our legs being out? Are they white? Are they brownish but a bit scaled? Are they mildly veiny? Do they have bruises because of faulty depth perception and corners of annoying low tables? Do we suspect that our cellulite is somehow migrating down to our lower legs? Holy hell.

But do we care? Well… a bit. Not enough to sweat in trousers or long, sweeping Amish skirts but, nonetheless, a bit. Do we have time or energy to really deal with these things in a meaningful way? Categorically not. Which is where one of the beauty editors’ favourites comes in. Say hello to my little friend, This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle.

Fits of all it tints – immediate golden glow delivered, so that’s the pallor dealt with. Secondly it veils, bye bye spider veins and fading bruises. Thirdly it moisturises, so the crocodile can have its reptile legs back. And fourthly, Vitamins C and E help heal the skin and restructure it so that it just copes a bit better.

It may not make your legs longer or thinner, but it’s jolly relaxing when you no longer have to sweat the small stuff.

This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle, £37

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