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Beauty School Dropout: Tarte Concealer

I have a few unhealthy relationships in my life. And one of those is with concealer. I need it but I hate it. I want it but I am deeply suspicious of it because it either chalks itself into wrinkles I didn’t know were there or it falls off after five minutes. Which is clearly a dereliction of duty.

Tarte’s remarkable water-based aquacealer has the blendability of a foundation but the coverage of a concealer. It is so highly-pigmented (it actually covers) that its texture can get away with being super light and malleable. So it doesn’t emphasise under-eye wrinkles like so many of its concealer cousins and it convincingly evens out any redness across the T-zone.

This is a desert island product: the one thing that can take me from ghoulish crone to presentable human woman. Finally I’m in a fully functional relationship. My shrink will be thrilled.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Aquacealer with Brush is exclusive to qvcuk.com, £26.

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